Boston University Superfund Research Program

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2009 Publications

  • Beglov, D., Brenke, R., Chuang, G-Y., Hall, D., Landon, M., Ngan, C. H., Shen, Y., Thiel, S., Zerbe, B., Kozakov, D., & Vajda, S. (2009). Identification of druggable hot spots on proteins and in protein-protein interfaces. In R. Nussinov & G. Schreiber (Eds.), Computational Protein-Protein Interactions. London: CRC Press.

  • Heiger-Bernays, W. J., Fraser, A., Burns, V., Diskin, K., Pierotti, D., Merchant-Borna, K., et al. (2009). Characterization and low-cost remediation of soils contaminated by timbers in community gardens. International Journal of Soil, Sediment and Water, 2(3), Article 5. NIHMS186143.
  • Rees, B. B., Karchner, S. I., Skripnikova, E., Ferry, M. J., Townley, I. K., & Hahn, M. E. (2009). Sequence and expression analysis of hypoxia-inducible factors in the killifish, Fundulus heteroclitus. FASEB Journal, 23, 779.1. [meeting abstract].